Monday, October 28, 2013


Some days my attitude towards life stinks. For example I would much rather question why something should be done a certain way etc then actually just getting it done, but I'm pretty sure I am not alone in this. 

Every morning I have started making a conscious decision to have the right attitude towards work, people and life in general because lets face it without a great attitude life just sucks.

Go on. Give it a try. You'll probably find that life isn't as bad as it seems after an 9 hour work day. 

Do it with a smile ;)


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

smokey joe takes photographs

Justin got his Leica M3 fixed recently and took some pretty awesome photos, cause he is pretty awesome. Phil took a few of these too, high five Phil, high five.


Friday, October 18, 2013

surviving conflict

Raised voices, abrasive sarcastic comments, slamming of doors and storming off are things that I might never be able to handle correctly. 

I envy people who can endure being around that without flinching and people who carrying on with their day as if nothing has happened. Those things sit with me for the entire day, I am guaranteed to cry, even if only a tear and my anxiety shoots through the roof. I cannot handle anger or conflict, even in the slightest form. 

Does anyone out there have some form of extra backbone for me? I keep trying to grow one, but it ain't working.


Monday, October 14, 2013


On Tuesday afternoon Justin was driving home from work and was t-boned by a negligent driver who thought stop signs were purely for decorative purposes. The driver was going so fast that he flipped Justins car. 

He basically threw my boyfriend in the air. 

Luckily Justin drives a car with 5 star safety and was completely unharmed besides from a few bruises and sore neck, phew, my heart nearly stopped at the sight of the accident. Hospital check ups and X-rays were done and I am ridiculously pleased to say he is in one beautiful piece.

Sadly his car was not so lucky...

I was watching some of my guilty pleasure TV shows the other day and heard a woman say this about her other half after he came out of a successful surgery:

"You never realise how important somebody is until maybe there is just a tiny chance they could be taken away from you... and I love that man SO much so I am so happy"

Now I know that isn't Shakespeare, but I smiled so hard when I heard it because I had the exact same feeling rush through me. Gratitude, nothing but absolute gratitude.


This weekend was a great one, friends, sunshine and homemade hamburgers.


Monday, October 7, 2013

looking forward

"two things prevent us from happiness;
living in the past and observing others"


On another note... 65 days till our Thailand adventure, I not even sure I can put into words how damn excited I am to see another piece of the world.

Considering it's a rather handsome piece.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

living through social media

I find it quite shocking that the first thing I would do when loosing my phone underneath the floorboards is to post something to facebook about it, before I even rescued my phone the thought had crossed my mind. 

Most of us get caught up in social media and almost everything we do is posted in some form of status, be it a facebook status, a tweet, a whatsapp status, a blog post, an instagram etc. 

Now I am guilty of this, one example is writing on my boyfriends wall instead of sending him a personal message. I mean its normal, but why do I feel obligated to show that I love him in front of everyone else out there, who cares who is looking, it's about him and I. Yet I still post pictures to instagram of him confessing my undying love, in hindsight I feel rather silly. To be honest as much as I feel silly I don't think this is something I would stop doing, but perhaps control it a bit more. Photos of my dog.... that will never stop people, there is an "unfollow" button for a reason ;)

I absolutely love taking photographs of things, but lately I have swapped my SLR camera for my iphone, while its easier and quicker it still bothers me that my camera has taken a backseat. I am an instagram addict and every morning before work I dedicate a few minutes to checking it and finding new people to follow, all the photographs that I have taken for the last few months have all been instagrammed, now while I don't think instagram is as bad as posting your break up situation to facebook, its a one way path to living through your phone and I for one have to start being more aware of where I am living, on my phone or in my own shoes.

Blogging is the same thing really, but I find it almost helps to keep away from facebook, twitter and instagram, because lets face it if I have posted it elsewhere what is the point of it being on my blog. Personal blogs are a way of streamlining all the narcissism into one place and people can choose whether or not they want to read it. Don't be upset with that last statement, I am basically saying that I am a narcissist myself and that I like to exaggerate ;) 

Anyway I am going to go pour myself some juice now, instagram it, hashtag lemon, send to twitter and facebook and then finally actually drink it.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

soggy sandwiches

I am the fussiest sandwich eater, I blame it on the time my aftercare teacher forced me to eat a sandwich soaked in red juice because I threw it under the table after accidentally dropping it in my cup, I was far too embarrassed to say anything so throwing it under the table seemed like the best solution. 

I was definitely at fault, but being 5 years old may have been a big part of it, my middle aged aftercare teacher however thought it was her duty to force feed a child a cold soggy Redro fish paste sandwich in order to teach me a lesson, how I managed to eat the Redro to begin with is a mystery... the soggy incident has stayed with me to this day.

Here are a few of my painful sandwich rules:

1. Do not use big ass soggy textured salad tomatoes for a sandwich, cherry and plum tomatoes are where the flavour is at.

2. Do not place tomatoes, sauce, cucumber or anything wet or juicy directly onto the bread/roll etc, layer it with cheese or lettuce first, this stops the sogginess that I like to call "hell on earth".

3. Do not layer the sandwich with a mountain of butter or margerine, I am not a crazy health freak, but I don't want cholesterol issues later on in life and the other ingredients on my sandwich don't stand a chance against that layer of fat.

4. I LOVE good food, please don't ruin it by giving me more roll and less flavourful ingredients.

5. Last but not least, do not dare put tomato sauce anywhere near my sandwich.... bring on the hot sauce and the mayo (in between the other ingredients of course to stop any form of sogginess from taking place).

I have used various forms of the word "soggy" 6 times in this post, now 7 I guess.

It's a miracle I even have a boyfriend.

One thing I will say do yourself a favour and go check out Croft and Co in Parkview, this place, recently renovated, has the best sandwiches and the atmosphere is great (if you avoid the morning cyclists lets-take-over-an-entire-coffee-shop club). 


Monday, September 16, 2013

G-unit, this ones for you

About nine months ago this bugger and I had an amazing conversation which turned into many many more conversations, which eventually led to me waking up next to his face everyday. It was a pretty great conversation. We like to talk. A lot.

Now I know its only 9 months and I know this whole "I love you" blog post thing can be enough to make anyone get sick in their cereal, but holy flip on a stick this guy deserves it (not to get sick, but the blog post).

High five my Just, if you found the coolest bee on the planet and looked at its knees, that would be you, THE bees knees. The coolest bees knees.

I freaking love you man. 


Friday, September 13, 2013

life as I know it

I am not entirely sure why I post my instagram pictures to my blog, most of the people that read it follow me on instagram or see them via facebook, but I am reposting them anyway. Because I said so.

These two have basically decided that my blanket is cat heaven... (first photo taken on my iphone, life just keeps getting sharper ;) 

If I am still wearing boots, it is still too cold for a swim (yes that is supposed to be pool water)

Jo bought me a book back from her trip, the book I have been wanting to get my hands on for quite some time, too bad I finished reading it in an hour. I love it when you receive a gift that you absolutely adore. Well done Joey!

On my way to dog training I drive past these two chaps, I have named them Harold and Kumar, they are always eating.

He cooks, I take pictures of him cooking.

During the busy work week Mila spends most of the day with her nose under Justin's gate barking at peoples ankles and their dogs.
This picture was taken when I decided I had to lie there too in order to spend time with her.

She puts up with me like no other... that is the face of an unimpressed dog.

Finally got to see these buggers all in one room, it might snow. 

As much as I love this picture it also makes me sad because it means that I am up and getting ready for work and have to leave both of them for a whole entire day.

Who on earth would want to leave them???

This weekend I am going to make a dress, a summer dress. Lets see if it ends in tears or an outfit post...


Friday, September 6, 2013

finally coming to terms with being a woman

I have turned into an irritable mess these last few days, I am pretty sure we do not have to go into too much detail as to why. Enough said. 

The way someone speaks will irritate me, the phone rings and I let out a jumbled up collection of filthy swearwords, my sensitive teeth are annoying me so much I deliberately bite down extra hard almost to reprimand them, a car takes to long to turn and I feel like lobbing a brick through their sunroof with the words "MOVE IT" scribbled on in blood from the million paper cuts I have had today...THAT kind of irritated.

The problem with this feeling is that I don't want it, I don't want to feel annoyed, I don't want to sob into a pillow for no reason and I don't want to slap people in the face with a slimy rotten fish, but its all I think about. All. The. Time. (SLAP SLAP SLAP)

At any given moment I could happily throw my face down on my desk and sleep for an entire day just to get away from this feeling hoping that the result of a nap would leave me feeling like a singing disney princess with birds on her shoulder... I am afraid this will never be the case so I shall try to be on my best behavior and hopefully a weekend will do me the world of good.

To all of those people that have come into my bubble of space in the last three days, I apologise for the mean looks, the sighing, the growling, the foaming at the mouth....I am just a woman in need of a chill pill and back scratches.

x - that's a cross not a kiss

Monday, September 2, 2013

la sardina

I bought Justin a La Sardina camera a few months back and we have been taking pictures all over the place and got them developed the other day. A few never came out, but for a first run it wasn't too bad...