Saturday, June 29, 2013

forest creek

As promised, a photo-heavy post from our holiday at forest creek lodge. And this is only half of the photos. Phew.


Friday, June 28, 2013

i want to not feel my toes

When I was still living in Natal, I must have been about 8 or 9 when our class was in the library about to pick a country out of a hat for a project. For me it was a big deal, I was never popular, just quiet unless talking to my imaginary friend (I was an only-child folks), so pulling out a well-known "cool" country was extremely important, I needed to get a really great one to impress the other kids, I know right, grow up Kirsty! 

So when it was my turn I ran up stuck my hand in the teachers hat and pulled out a rumpled up piece of paper with "Finland" written on it....

"What the hell is a finland?" , how lame is that, kids around me were pulling out USA, Spain, Germany, Australia...and I got Finland, I felt so discouraged and hated the assignment already. Everyone was showing off their countries in the encyclopedias, they all had about 4 pages dedicated to their country filled with pictures and places from the movies, Finland only had one page with no pictures and a weird name for a capital... Helsinki. Damn it you stupid hat, all I got is a place full of lakes.

But after searching Encarta '89 (the best damn program that ever existed I'll have you know!) I started falling in love with every single part of this country, from the language to the fisherman. I would listen to the national anthem on repeat... yes dead serious.

I fell in love with all the little animals and creatures that were found there, I started drawing pictures of forests on every piece of scrap paper I could find, I dreamt of snow and winding rivers and living with wolves (what a whackjob right?). I never realised how precious Finland become to me and not even Finland, but Scandinavia in general.

To see the Northern lights, travel to Norway and take a billion photos of white, oh what I would do!

Funniest part of this whole thing? 

I hate the cold!

Go figure!

I am not sure what brought me to write this post, but I still have this burning desire to see this beautiful country and I know that one day I will be standing in a forest in Finland thinking "Why the hell would I love such a flippen freezing piece of land, I can't feel my toes"

 images -


the past week in photos

Forest Creek Cottage weekend away... photos to follow in a few days

Stella e Luna, 4th Avenue, Parkhurst... a magical little place soon to be crawling with people

Justin and I at his sisters wedding in March, I take too many photos of photos

 training with Mila, soon to become the real thing which means 6am mornings on Saturdays, I am not sure how I feel about this crack-of-dawn Dog School of hers...

Mila Meow....Justins cat... yes his cat has the same name as my dog... it can get pretty confusing, this is her staring at Mila Woof and digging her claws into me, apparently there can only be one "Mila"

I ordered washi tape the other day, I have been dying for it to arrive, now that I have it EVERYTHING is covered in it...I just can't help myself.

our scrapbook is getting pretty bulky with all of our trips, I may have to get an entire scrapbook just for our Thailand trip coming up in December!

Mila, getting fed up with us for not paying attention to her so she plonked herself in the decorative corner of the lounge

Its been a pretty awesome week!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

growing up

I think I am slowly becoming an adult for the first time. I find myself building a collection of things for my home one day and getting annoyed at only having a rented room to put it all in. I dream of beautiful furniture and decorating. Lying on the couch with a book in the early mornings without wondering who is going to pass by the lounge and start interfering with my "morning space bubble" and chitchat about the weather. 

So if someone had to ask me where I see myself in 5 years, it would be on a couch wrapped in a furry blanket of Mila with a cup of fruit tea, in my beautiful wooden-floored home thinking about how happy I am as a photographer, a crazy animal lover, a wife, a DIY woman with her own craftsroom and occasional dress-maker.

Its all possible right? Right.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

new journey

a fresh new piece of internet space is exactly what I need.... 

heres to new beginnings, adventures, photographs and memories!

...and heres a photo of my precious Mila to get started...