Friday, June 28, 2013

i want to not feel my toes

When I was still living in Natal, I must have been about 8 or 9 when our class was in the library about to pick a country out of a hat for a project. For me it was a big deal, I was never popular, just quiet unless talking to my imaginary friend (I was an only-child folks), so pulling out a well-known "cool" country was extremely important, I needed to get a really great one to impress the other kids, I know right, grow up Kirsty! 

So when it was my turn I ran up stuck my hand in the teachers hat and pulled out a rumpled up piece of paper with "Finland" written on it....

"What the hell is a finland?" , how lame is that, kids around me were pulling out USA, Spain, Germany, Australia...and I got Finland, I felt so discouraged and hated the assignment already. Everyone was showing off their countries in the encyclopedias, they all had about 4 pages dedicated to their country filled with pictures and places from the movies, Finland only had one page with no pictures and a weird name for a capital... Helsinki. Damn it you stupid hat, all I got is a place full of lakes.

But after searching Encarta '89 (the best damn program that ever existed I'll have you know!) I started falling in love with every single part of this country, from the language to the fisherman. I would listen to the national anthem on repeat... yes dead serious.

I fell in love with all the little animals and creatures that were found there, I started drawing pictures of forests on every piece of scrap paper I could find, I dreamt of snow and winding rivers and living with wolves (what a whackjob right?). I never realised how precious Finland become to me and not even Finland, but Scandinavia in general.

To see the Northern lights, travel to Norway and take a billion photos of white, oh what I would do!

Funniest part of this whole thing? 

I hate the cold!

Go figure!

I am not sure what brought me to write this post, but I still have this burning desire to see this beautiful country and I know that one day I will be standing in a forest in Finland thinking "Why the hell would I love such a flippen freezing piece of land, I can't feel my toes"

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