Monday, July 29, 2013

the haircut

So after blog posts, sleepless nights and stupid amounts of anxiety, I finally got my hair cut.

My hairdresser was nice, friendly, but never really paid attention to what I wanted. I showed her pictures, mentioned I don't like highlights, steered her away from layering my hair too much, showed her another picture...and ended up getting everything I didn't want and nowhere near what I showed her. So I was pretty sad after a stressful week and the whole thing felt a little impersonal and quick. I won't go to her again I don't think, she styled my hair like we were in the 60's, I suppose its called a blow wave for a reason. 

However, after washing it and messing it up just the way I like I am finally happy with it. Sorry lady, you actually didn't do a bad job, I am just being a brat about it ;)

Girls hey, pfft.


the past week in photos

He makes me happen...

Finally finished knitting his snood for winter that is already half way through, oops

More and more Mila love

My first attempt at wax sealing, I'm hooked

The inseparable two, I may just be the third wheel...

I adore this photo of my two!

We winter-cleaned yesterday, socks were re-united with their partners, clothes were found, moldy chocolates were eaten and pictures were hung... this one is a photograph by Hanro Havenga, one of my favorite photographers.


This is the first year in 4 years that I won't be going to Oppi Koppi Festival over the long weekend coming up, I'm looking forward to a quiet joburg, making forts and watching spongebob squarepants. I am probably going to have massive FOMO the day it starts, but at least I won't be broke and have half the ground up my nose. 


Sunday, July 28, 2013


After turning 20 I was almost certain I was an extrovert, loved being around people, loved going to new places, gigs and having get togethers, but only this year have I realised how introverted I really am. 

I am starting to need/crave my hour long bubble baths, zoning out at the television or just sitting on the grass with my dog in the sun. I need time to re-energise, get wrapped up in my own head and just drift away from reality and people.  

It hit me, sitting at a dinner table, complete loss for words, no energy to join in the conversation and slumping into my chair dreaming of a big bubble bath and a book... I had spent the entire day at work interacting with people, children and phone calls, then I went straight to the hairdresser and was surrounded by tons of women talking non stop and then went straight to dinner with a few people, I had zero energy to interact with anyone.

Justin also called me while I was getting my hair done and said I sounded so nervous on the phone. I am shy, extremely shy with new people, I get anxious before going into a situation involving a lot of strangers with no wine in sight. I mean was sitting in a chair with a stranger touching my head, two ladies talking loudly and confidently about their jobs and there was me almost whispering on the phone like a 6 year old holding onto their mommies leg.

Shy or introverted or both?

Or just silly.

Monday, July 22, 2013

conversations on the pavement

Me: Just! I made an ant brain dead...

Justin: Oh no

Me: You want to know how?

Justin: How?

Me: I rode over him with a leaf! This leaf over here..... now he walks in small circles...... so I squished him so he wouldn't be embarrassed in front of his friends.

Justin: haha shame

Me: I feel bad now...

Friday, July 19, 2013

the start of a sleeping pill addiction

I finally booked an appointment with the hairdresser, I decided it's time to go to a professional, I am now an adult who no longer cuts and dyes her own hair, round of applause please....

So of course last night I couldn't sleep because ALL I could think about was what I am going to say to the hairdresser, what picture I am going to take and how I am going to get away with telling him I have half a head of split ends, I use box dye and a blunt pair of scissors to cut my own hair? 

Who on earth keeps themselves up at night because they are excited to go to the hairdresser in a weeks time, I am 24 years old right? I feel like knocking myself out for 6 days JUST so that when I wake up its next week wednesday and I'm sitting in a salon chair telling a older slinky sauve man with a gold earring and purple hair to "wow me". Yes people, this is what excites me!

Now lets all look at too many pictures of Alexa Chung and daydream about scissors, swivel chairs, basins and amazing soapy head massages...


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

chop and change

Its time again for a chop and change. My ends have been murdered by going blonde and straightening the frizziness out of them has made the split ends 10 times worse, so its time for a chop and possibly a colour change.

I am thinking about going a little bit lighter or a little bit darker than it is now and the cut like the picture below, possibly a little bit shorter. (I used "little bit" far too much in that sentence, almost lying to myself as to how committed I am to change)

What do you think?

Alexa Chung has the best hair....I'm going to be one of those people that brings in a magazine clipping of a celebrity.


Monday, July 15, 2013


I dream of working at home, being my own boss, I mean I could wake up early, climb on the couch watch a bit of animal planet with some tea, go for a run, have some decent breakfast, work in my own personalised space with Mila under my desk, flexible times which means I could do post office runs and see the doctor at a normal hour etc, am I being way too optimistic about this?



I'll just share pictures of dream spaces instead...


Thursday, July 11, 2013


I take more photos of Mila than I do of anything or anyone else, can you blame me? She is the prettiest little bugger!

that one time I got glasses...again

Lets hope I don't sit on them this time and wait 4 years to get new ones...

Yes thats me in the bathroom, one arm outstretched, one hand in an "this  is not lame because I have a thumbs up" pose with one forced smile. Winning.

So they might be a little big for my face and weirdly shaped, but having a limited medical aid like mine I didn't get much to choose from. 

In fact after my eye test I was shown to the "showroom" and getting all giggly and excited to choose my frames I immediately starting eyeing some out, only to be shown to the corner of the room where a little black briefcase sat....yes a briefcase, with about 20 different glasses to choose from, only about 3 of them actually fitting my face, so thumbs up for having a shitty medical aid and getting a semi decent pair of glasses that have to last me two years before they allow me to replace these.

Luckily they are only for driving and the computer.... two things I do 90% of the day....


Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Our Thailand trip planning is all done on Tripadvisor, so I get emails from them with latest pricing and deals, today they sent me the top 10 treehouse hotels... and this hotel is definitely worth showing...

(and Scandinavia gets even more attractive, if its even possible)

They each have their own unique theme and style, The only thing is most of them seem a bit cramped and small when you look at the rooms on the website, but hey, you are in a tree after all!

My bags are packed and waiting....