Sunday, July 28, 2013


After turning 20 I was almost certain I was an extrovert, loved being around people, loved going to new places, gigs and having get togethers, but only this year have I realised how introverted I really am. 

I am starting to need/crave my hour long bubble baths, zoning out at the television or just sitting on the grass with my dog in the sun. I need time to re-energise, get wrapped up in my own head and just drift away from reality and people.  

It hit me, sitting at a dinner table, complete loss for words, no energy to join in the conversation and slumping into my chair dreaming of a big bubble bath and a book... I had spent the entire day at work interacting with people, children and phone calls, then I went straight to the hairdresser and was surrounded by tons of women talking non stop and then went straight to dinner with a few people, I had zero energy to interact with anyone.

Justin also called me while I was getting my hair done and said I sounded so nervous on the phone. I am shy, extremely shy with new people, I get anxious before going into a situation involving a lot of strangers with no wine in sight. I mean was sitting in a chair with a stranger touching my head, two ladies talking loudly and confidently about their jobs and there was me almost whispering on the phone like a 6 year old holding onto their mommies leg.

Shy or introverted or both?

Or just silly.

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