Thursday, July 11, 2013

that one time I got glasses...again

Lets hope I don't sit on them this time and wait 4 years to get new ones...

Yes thats me in the bathroom, one arm outstretched, one hand in an "this  is not lame because I have a thumbs up" pose with one forced smile. Winning.

So they might be a little big for my face and weirdly shaped, but having a limited medical aid like mine I didn't get much to choose from. 

In fact after my eye test I was shown to the "showroom" and getting all giggly and excited to choose my frames I immediately starting eyeing some out, only to be shown to the corner of the room where a little black briefcase sat....yes a briefcase, with about 20 different glasses to choose from, only about 3 of them actually fitting my face, so thumbs up for having a shitty medical aid and getting a semi decent pair of glasses that have to last me two years before they allow me to replace these.

Luckily they are only for driving and the computer.... two things I do 90% of the day....


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