Monday, July 29, 2013

the haircut

So after blog posts, sleepless nights and stupid amounts of anxiety, I finally got my hair cut.

My hairdresser was nice, friendly, but never really paid attention to what I wanted. I showed her pictures, mentioned I don't like highlights, steered her away from layering my hair too much, showed her another picture...and ended up getting everything I didn't want and nowhere near what I showed her. So I was pretty sad after a stressful week and the whole thing felt a little impersonal and quick. I won't go to her again I don't think, she styled my hair like we were in the 60's, I suppose its called a blow wave for a reason. 

However, after washing it and messing it up just the way I like I am finally happy with it. Sorry lady, you actually didn't do a bad job, I am just being a brat about it ;)

Girls hey, pfft.



  1. You look so cute! :)

    I hate mine. :'( I'm tempted to just go and buy a box of dye from Spar and cover this mess.

    This is exactly why I do my own hair.

    1. Oh dear, I want to see it? Whats wrong with it, colour or cut?

      I nearly went and got box die to cover the stupid highlights I never wanted, but I thought I'd try get used to them first. I had an hour rant to my poor boyfriend about how much I hate it, it ended in my head on his shoulder crying.

      I know right, DIY hair :)

  2. aww, i hate hair drama. but i am sure in a few days when you're out of the awkward first rut you'll be as gorgeous as ever.

  3. I have so many horror stories I could share. Like the time I went from dark brunette to supposedly platinum blonde - and how it just went orange - but you've been there, done that, right?