Tuesday, July 9, 2013

the past week in photos

Last weekend was spent like this, the entire weekend... it should be a monthly thing

Going to work and leaving these lovely faces behind is harder than you think

Quite possibly my favorite place to be... nuzzled between pillows and a fluffy duvet, with one times Gent

Mila facing the cold

Justin made Jo and I a delicious dinner on Friday night, there was plenty of wine and happy faces... I somehow only took photos of Mila and the outside of the lounge, but nothing of food or friends...I promise these people and the dinner was not a figment of my imagination

Mila had her first day of school on Saturday, before the sun had even risen, she nailed it, of course. Anything for treats. I somehow didnt get to take pictures of that either... fail.

We played a bit of fetch, the ball went into the pool, she bravely attempted to rescue her ball, but couldn't face the water, so guess who was barked into fetching it for her.... 
Notice in the picture below how the hind legs are stretched as far back as they can go just in case a whale tries to pull her under. you know.

Filming at the Saxon, too too beautiful 

I'm not a child. I promise ;)

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