Tuesday, August 13, 2013

pass me my water bottle

In about 4 months time I will be on a beach somewhere in Thailand feeling like a piece of wobbly cooked spaghetti... yes this means I'll be all relaxed, but it also means I'll be all wobbly and self conscious...

With that thought I decided to join a boot camp, Adventure Boot Camp for Women.

Its affordable, forces me to get fit and allows me to buy a mat and dumbells in matching colours like a real girl.

So my first session was last night, not too sure what I was expecting, but I was really excited to get going, meet new people and FEEL THE BUUUUURN. 

Ten minutes in I had a stitch, lost the ability to stand up straight and had a tomato for a face... I honestly thought I was going to faint and couldn't believe I had paid money to torture myself!

But once I got half way through the session I felt amazing, I ran faster than when I started, my lungs opened up and I giggled (guys don't giggle while you jog around a parking lot, its weird, I felt stupid, very stupid).

Its strange going into a situation like boot camp with complete strangers, all lined up on mats, lifting your butt in each others faces... so I entered into an unspoken buddy agreement with the girl next to me, just by putting my mat near hers, our brains had a bluetooth chat and decided to do everything together without me even getting her name or speaking one word, I don't think we even looked at each other, but thank you buddy, it was good to have someone next to me going at the same pace, I hope your legs are as stiff as mine today. Jeepers.


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  1. argh i reaaaaaally need to do that too!!!
    think going to the beach tomorrow with my 2 skinny beautiful cousins is gonna make me feel like a meat ball in your pasta dish... :s
    tell me if you went to the boot camp again hehe