Thursday, August 22, 2013

scribbling my way to success

I write, a lot, I write so many things down that my bag is filled with post-its and folded (dog-earred) paper from months ago. 
These get thrown into my handbag on a daily basis and end up swallowing my car keys so often I end up on the floor of parking lots tossing it all out again. 

So what do I write...

Plans, budgets, ideas, thoughts, quotes and most of all projects. I have started so many projects and only end up finishing a quarter of them. I get so annoyed with myself for not sticking to anything, but the truth is I get bored, very bored, very quickly. It's a disease.

For example: (and she writes another list)

I started a dress making course (3 years ago): still to be finished. 
Sewing tons of little bows for clips: "cute" ain't in fashion no more Kirsty.... wave goodbye to that thought.
A photography plan of action: I'm still working on this one, but not as hard as I could be. You see I have come up with tons of ideas and plans, but my camera is no where to be seen. Kinda defeating the point am I right?!
Agility with Mila: I am still in the process of this one, we are training towards it so thank goodness for that. I can't wait to tick this box.
Get fit: Boot camp is still kicking my ass and I am still not tired of talking about it. Sorry friends. Tick. 
Eat healthy:  yoh I struggle with this one, I generally like healthier foods, but I have a soft (fatty) spot for fast food and pizza, and once my mind is set on it I am completely suckered into eating crap! Tick, untick, tick, untick... write it on a post-it note and bury it.
Sing: I have wanted to sing since I was little and now while doing it I have realised how much I hate the thought of my own voice and because I am so hard on myself and my abilities I end up wanting to throw in the towel every chance I get, that is no excuse, but I am finding it hard to get in the right head space to enjoy it anymore. This is very sad for me, but I'll keep writing it down every few days.
Create a successful blog: this is a hard one, I blog because I enjoy it, but there are times when it becomes a chore and that should never happen with hobbies. And lets face it, if you are not interested in my personal life and the diary vibes this blog is not going anywhere... thats where all the plans come in, well... written plans with no action yet. Give me 10 years ;)

There are plenty more where this comes from, and I think the main problem here is that there are far too many plans and far too many lists.
I need to do maybe two at a time until I start seeing positive results, instead of hiding behind my endless pieces of paper.


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