Friday, September 6, 2013

finally coming to terms with being a woman

I have turned into an irritable mess these last few days, I am pretty sure we do not have to go into too much detail as to why. Enough said. 

The way someone speaks will irritate me, the phone rings and I let out a jumbled up collection of filthy swearwords, my sensitive teeth are annoying me so much I deliberately bite down extra hard almost to reprimand them, a car takes to long to turn and I feel like lobbing a brick through their sunroof with the words "MOVE IT" scribbled on in blood from the million paper cuts I have had today...THAT kind of irritated.

The problem with this feeling is that I don't want it, I don't want to feel annoyed, I don't want to sob into a pillow for no reason and I don't want to slap people in the face with a slimy rotten fish, but its all I think about. All. The. Time. (SLAP SLAP SLAP)

At any given moment I could happily throw my face down on my desk and sleep for an entire day just to get away from this feeling hoping that the result of a nap would leave me feeling like a singing disney princess with birds on her shoulder... I am afraid this will never be the case so I shall try to be on my best behavior and hopefully a weekend will do me the world of good.

To all of those people that have come into my bubble of space in the last three days, I apologise for the mean looks, the sighing, the growling, the foaming at the mouth....I am just a woman in need of a chill pill and back scratches.

x - that's a cross not a kiss

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