Friday, September 13, 2013

life as I know it

I am not entirely sure why I post my instagram pictures to my blog, most of the people that read it follow me on instagram or see them via facebook, but I am reposting them anyway. Because I said so.

These two have basically decided that my blanket is cat heaven... (first photo taken on my iphone, life just keeps getting sharper ;) 

If I am still wearing boots, it is still too cold for a swim (yes that is supposed to be pool water)

Jo bought me a book back from her trip, the book I have been wanting to get my hands on for quite some time, too bad I finished reading it in an hour. I love it when you receive a gift that you absolutely adore. Well done Joey!

On my way to dog training I drive past these two chaps, I have named them Harold and Kumar, they are always eating.

He cooks, I take pictures of him cooking.

During the busy work week Mila spends most of the day with her nose under Justin's gate barking at peoples ankles and their dogs.
This picture was taken when I decided I had to lie there too in order to spend time with her.

She puts up with me like no other... that is the face of an unimpressed dog.

Finally got to see these buggers all in one room, it might snow. 

As much as I love this picture it also makes me sad because it means that I am up and getting ready for work and have to leave both of them for a whole entire day.

Who on earth would want to leave them???

This weekend I am going to make a dress, a summer dress. Lets see if it ends in tears or an outfit post...


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