Wednesday, September 25, 2013

living through social media

I find it quite shocking that the first thing I would do when loosing my phone underneath the floorboards is to post something to facebook about it, before I even rescued my phone the thought had crossed my mind. 

Most of us get caught up in social media and almost everything we do is posted in some form of status, be it a facebook status, a tweet, a whatsapp status, a blog post, an instagram etc. 

Now I am guilty of this, one example is writing on my boyfriends wall instead of sending him a personal message. I mean its normal, but why do I feel obligated to show that I love him in front of everyone else out there, who cares who is looking, it's about him and I. Yet I still post pictures to instagram of him confessing my undying love, in hindsight I feel rather silly. To be honest as much as I feel silly I don't think this is something I would stop doing, but perhaps control it a bit more. Photos of my dog.... that will never stop people, there is an "unfollow" button for a reason ;)

I absolutely love taking photographs of things, but lately I have swapped my SLR camera for my iphone, while its easier and quicker it still bothers me that my camera has taken a backseat. I am an instagram addict and every morning before work I dedicate a few minutes to checking it and finding new people to follow, all the photographs that I have taken for the last few months have all been instagrammed, now while I don't think instagram is as bad as posting your break up situation to facebook, its a one way path to living through your phone and I for one have to start being more aware of where I am living, on my phone or in my own shoes.

Blogging is the same thing really, but I find it almost helps to keep away from facebook, twitter and instagram, because lets face it if I have posted it elsewhere what is the point of it being on my blog. Personal blogs are a way of streamlining all the narcissism into one place and people can choose whether or not they want to read it. Don't be upset with that last statement, I am basically saying that I am a narcissist myself and that I like to exaggerate ;) 

Anyway I am going to go pour myself some juice now, instagram it, hashtag lemon, send to twitter and facebook and then finally actually drink it.


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