Monday, October 14, 2013


On Tuesday afternoon Justin was driving home from work and was t-boned by a negligent driver who thought stop signs were purely for decorative purposes. The driver was going so fast that he flipped Justins car. 

He basically threw my boyfriend in the air. 

Luckily Justin drives a car with 5 star safety and was completely unharmed besides from a few bruises and sore neck, phew, my heart nearly stopped at the sight of the accident. Hospital check ups and X-rays were done and I am ridiculously pleased to say he is in one beautiful piece.

Sadly his car was not so lucky...

I was watching some of my guilty pleasure TV shows the other day and heard a woman say this about her other half after he came out of a successful surgery:

"You never realise how important somebody is until maybe there is just a tiny chance they could be taken away from you... and I love that man SO much so I am so happy"

Now I know that isn't Shakespeare, but I smiled so hard when I heard it because I had the exact same feeling rush through me. Gratitude, nothing but absolute gratitude.


This weekend was a great one, friends, sunshine and homemade hamburgers.


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