Wednesday, August 13, 2014


In the last year or two I have made some changes, good changes:

I moved into my own place
I am in a happy and healthy relationship
I havent had a cigarette in 6 months
I drink about 1 glass of red wine a month, sometimes none at all
I haven't dyed my hair in almost a year
I got a new camera and a new laptop
Got my wisdom teeth removed - hallelujah!
My car is finally in my name
My medical aid doesn't suck
I floss every morning
I have my very own indoor plants, that I actually water
And I finally have my very own furniture

Things that haven't changed:

I still eat too much fast food (I LOVE them french fries)
I still keep saying that I am going to start running
Generally my preferred position is horizontal, sometimes I get out of bed on a Sunday and go lie outside on the grass, lying down is underrated
I get bored almost every hour on the hour no matter what I am doing
I still wake up every morning at 6:30am even if I went to bed at 3am, this also means that I pass out on the couch sometimes as early as 7pm (I'm either a child or a granny)
I still get irritated with slow drivers
And I am still retardedly restless

I'm not saying I'm a "Zuckerberg" of success, but its some form of progress (or getting old too quickly), either way I'm glad I kicked most of the kak habits. 

Now where are those running shoes?!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014


A photographer friend of mine Mike Bell took these photos a few weeks ago, I have never felt more me in a portrait than this first one, especially where I am in my life, it could just be the messy hair or the simplicity of it, but whatever it is Mike did a phenomenal job, as usual.
Thank you for making a girl look fancy Mike!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

manly man

I'm not entirely sure what attracts females to tool-carrying bearded men. Perhaps it's instinct, a hunter-gatherer sort of mindset, or perhaps I am just weird and assume everyone is too.

I was looking for a cabinet recently for my house and I called Justin once I had found one to ask what he thought of the price. He told me to check a couple of things and make sure certain things worked the way they should etc. Guys it was pretty logical and obvious stuff, but I was blushing by the time I put down the phone, like "yep my man knows his way around a cabinet, I'm jealous of myself".

Now I know that sounds a little bit ridiculous, but having a handyman as your significant other makes you feel like you hit the jackpot. He gets grease all over his hands from fixing my car and I get giddy with pride. He sands wood and I'm peering out the window like a perverted next door neighbour. I think the first week of dating Justin I saw him fix a leaky tap in his bathroom and I was ready to put a ring on it and I'm not talking about the tap.

Perhaps not all females find these things attractive and think I've been sniffing too much paint thinner, but I know there are plenty of you who swoon at manly men, their hands covered in paint, their do-it-yourself attitude and their hair full of sawdust... 

This post is getting as weird as an old spice advert.

  img -

Monday, May 19, 2014


I stumbled onto famke through Lucky Pony and fell in love immediately. Her jewelry is beautiful, I am in love with the vertebrae range of items, its so wonderfully eery, I think I'll have to snap one up.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

life lately

Fresh pickings from my garden, I only realised half way through that they were covered in ants, spiders and aphids :(

Mila overload, of course...

Nerf gun repair enhancements, boys and their toys..

One Saturday I decided to bake, I should have just stayed in bed, because while they look slightly edible, they were far from it. The bin ate most of what I made... so I made them look pretty in photographs instead.

Meringues, soggy soggy meringues..

The richest creme brûlée you will ever taste... thanks for nothing Jamie Oliver

Sticking to the basics from now on... (although I'm sure most people would call meringues basic)


Friday, May 9, 2014


Most of us have role models and people we look up to. I have two that stand out the most for me. I thought I would share them with you.

First off, Amanda Keith of indiejane photography

Amanda is a blogger/photographer from Oklahoma, I'm not even sure how I found her blog, but I am so glad I did, she kept me inspired whilst working a 8-5 job at an accountants office.  Now I work in the creative industry, still not quite where I'd like to be and doing the same things I've always done, but she still continues to inspire me to get to where I want to be, to push past the daily grind, she inspires me to work hard and focus on the right things in order to get to the right place.

The strange thing is I am not entirely sure how she does this, it is not really an "inspirational" blog as such, she is just being herself and posting pictures of everyday life, stories of her 4 (now 5) dogs, but thats what I love about it, its humble and perfectly sweet. Perhaps I am a bit in love with her job, her house, her confidence in what she does and how introverted she is, I struggle with being introverted at times, I'm not entirely sure how to handle certain situations, but her little "introvert quirks" almost make me feel at home on her blog. It's a comfy blog, its my safe piece of internet space if that makes any sense.

Basically, I am inspired by her success as a human being and dog mother.


Second we have Sharon Montrose

Sharon Montrose is an animal photographer based in the US. I stumbled across Sharons work back in 2009 when I decided I wanted to study photography (I googled something like "animal photographer, the best one"), I was absolutely in love with her style from the get go. This is more of a career inspiration as she is doing everything I wish I was doing. Hanging out with animals and taking photographs of them, everyday for her is different, that is something I would cut my baby toe off to do, no really, I would probably cut it off. 

I don't really know her personal quirks and how she feels about things in a blog sense, but just reading her "about me" section was enough to fall head over heels, we could be soulmates, cold googling french-fry-eating soulmates!

I dont know what I really want to do when I grow up (because lets face it when you are still kicking ice cubes under the fridge when they fall instead of throwing them in the sink you are FAR from grown up) but I do know that I love animals more than most things and taking photographs that I am proud of makes sun shine out of my FACE, so I am going to hold on to the thought of one day photographing a sloth hanging in my very own studio ;)