Friday, January 10, 2014

Thailand - Railay

Our last stop before heading home was Railay, this is honestly the prettiest place we went to, and when we arrived early in the morning I remember saying to Justin that this was going to be my favourite place. Once we settled in at our accommodation we went to look around and thats when I realised how busy the island was, tourists everywhere! The beaches are small and they are riddled with people and I can only imagine it gets worse as you get further into peak season (the photographs I have of empty beaches are from 7/8am, the only time to get a picture without a person in it). I loved it for its beauty, but it didn't crawl into my heart the way Ko Lanta did.

We went kayaking on day two to get away from the people and explore a bit more, but as I jumped off the kayak into the water I got stung by a jellyfish, nothing serious but painful enough to get me straight out of the water and back in the kayak, not quite the experience I had in mind. We did snorkel a bit too, that was pretty great. 

After a lunch of chicken burgers we decided to head back to the resort, had dinner and BAM.... I got whacked by food poisoning for the first time and jeepers it sucks. In the morning Justin woke up with it too and we pinned it on the chicken burgers, damn those chicken burgers. 

Two days out of action, stuck in bed in the heat with a fan and a mosquito net, not ideal. We ended up watching stand up comedy on youtube while the view from our balcony of crystal waters teased us. After being so sick going home didn't seem too bad and luckily we felt well enough the next day to hop on a boat and eventually a plane.

Thailand was rad, really rad. And I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go and see another part of the world. 

Thanks my Just for being the best travel buddy! Lets start planning our next adventure!


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