Saturday, February 8, 2014

afternoon adventures

Justin is recording in studio at the moment which means I have a whole lot of time alone and what do you do when you are alone...go to the zoo of course. Going to the zoo alone is pretty awesome, you see the animals you want to see the most, you can watch them for ages without worrying about someone else being bored, you can talk to animals like a crazy person and its okay because when people see you alone they already assume you're crazy. 

I didn't see all the animals, I stuck to my favourites, the lemurs, monkeys, jackal, wild dog, red pandas and of course the farm animals, because after looking through cages all you want to do is touch an animal, so I rubbed my hands all over some poor horses face to make up for the lack of physical contact with the other animals. He didn't seem to pleased, I assume this happens a lot. I actually subtly speed-walked up to the horse so I could beat a kid coming from the opposite direction screaming "Daddy you can touch the horse! You can touch the horse!", I feel no shame. 

 The red pandas were by far my favourite to watch, them and the meercats. Such funny creatures, their sleeping positions are ridiculously creative. I didn't get a photo of this, but one red panda was high up on a branch and couldn't get comfortable so he curled his head under and fell asleep on his forehead. So casual. Not a care in the world. 

 This guy scared me, I found him in a small enclosure with flies surrounding him and he was lying in a very clear "I must be dead because there is no way this is comfortable" position. I yelled at him to check and he turned his head to look at me when I got this shot and I nearly fell backwards I got such a fright. He was so bleak that I had woken him up that he walked inside his little house, but not before showing me his bum as a get-lost gift.

Sorry guy.


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