Sunday, February 9, 2014

DIY - matchstick wall art

 I found this over on Treasures and travel blog and had to try it out. Turns out the template they give you doesn't really work with Lion matches as they are a lot shorter than the ones they use, but I improvised. Mine ended up looking like a child might have done it, but it looks great if you don't get too close ;)

Step 1: Gather everything you need, I ended up needing about 15 lion match boxes, wood glue, the template that you can download from Treasures and Travel blog, a piece of cardboard and some scissors (the pot plant is optional ;)

Step 2: Cut out the template and stick it to the cardboard, see image below.

Step 3: Cut off the extra cardboard around the template.

Step 4: Light all the matches, this is the most time consuming and I had to take quite a few breaks for my nose, I am pretty sure it isn't very good for you. Try lighting 3 or 4 at a time, just watch your fingers.

Step 5: Stick the first lot of matchsticks down the middle and across with the wood glue. Ue the non-burnt edges closest to the centre and work your way out.

Step 6: Start sticking the rest of the matches down starting with "A" and then "B" etc. Because the lion matches were too short I had to cut smaller pieces for the edges in the end. You could just reduce the template size when you print it to 90 percent or less, its up to you.

Ta Da...

You can just add a hook at the back and hang it up or put it on a side table and lean it against the wall, whatever really.

This was a lot of fun, now to search for the next DIY idea...


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