Wednesday, February 26, 2014

pimply progress

I spent most of my morning looking at my old blog, I'm not sure why or what led me there, but I'm glad it did.

Documenting your feelings on a weekly basis is an eye opener, I can't even remember writing half of those posts, I even laughed at some of them as if I had heard them for the first time, future-me finds past-me rather funny.

Jeepers 2012 was a reckless year for me, I was out all the time, sad most of the time and "in love" for the rest of the time. The years before were pretty productive, there were a lot of recipes, DIY's, photographs, what I wore posts (cringe), so at least one or two years were blog-worthy, what ever that means.

Another thing I noticed, I don't write anymore, poetry I mean, nothing at all. I guess sadness tends to pull the words out more than happiness does. I think even if I had to try now it would all be past emotions, happy poetry in my head sounds retarded. I wouldn't even know where to start it would probably end up as some form of comedy more than anything. I would write about that one time I shouted at Justin for nothing because I was being an asshole that day or when I ate a mouthful of grass because I tripped over a bush and fell on my face. Yes, really.

Progress is a wonderful thing, and being able to go back and see how far you have come is amazing and I am so glad I have the opportunity to do just that.  In 10 years time I am going to look back at this post and think "pffft you pimply piece of youth, you know nothing of progress", but until then I'll just keep trucking on.


A side note: You want to talk about progress...this past week I got my wisdom teeth removed (finally), moved out of my Marian Road safe haven of a house that I have lived in for the last 4 years, found a new cottage for me and the pooch just down the road from work and just up the road from Justin (score), got new tyres on my car, and I'm moving into the new place this weekend.

Shew, did I really go to Thailand for a relaxing holiday recently? Cause I feel like I need another one...

Oh well, my birthday is coming up, which means public holiday and a long weekend, the worlds gift to me ;)

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