Monday, March 3, 2014

cheesy day

So it was Valentines day like 3 weeks ago and of course I have forgotten to post this, can I blame my scatterbrained mind?


Cheesy Day - Lets face it, people either hate it or love it. My facebook feed generally shows two types of people.

1. "look what I got from my valentine, I feel so special, smoochy smoochy smoochy"


2. "Valentines day is a money making scheme with no sincerity attached to it, vomit vomit vomit" - (generally most males or a "I-am-one-of-the-boys" female)

Me? I love it, why wouldn't I love it, I got (attempted) breakfast in bed, extra kisses, a fluffy freakin' gown and a boyfriend who was actually awake before I had to leave for work. Yes everyday should be special and you should show your love spontaneously, but whats the harm in having a day put a side for all of the above.  

Now I am not one for red roses, a big heart drawn on a card and a dinner for two, I like the quality time spent with the one you love, not in a restaurant filled with couples basically sitting on top of you because the restaurant has added 10 extra tables just for Valentines day, no no, thats just stressful and far from romantic, the whole thing is just too cliche. I am lucky I have a boyfriend who knows me more than anyone and knows exactly what I like, and heres hoping he feels sort of the same about me (fingers crossed).


I got him smoked jalepenos and labels for all his hot sauces. 

 Why the "follow around the house card?", well I do this thing where I tend to follow Justin around the house when I'm bored, most of the time I don't realise I'm doing it until I end up walking into bathroom with him. Oops.

Now that I have filled an entire post full of mush, I think its time I find my bugger and give him a kiss on the cheek for all that he does for me, every day!


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