Sunday, March 2, 2014

moving house

Moving is hectic. Like really hectic, and the weekend I had to move, Justin was recording in studio, I think I have found about 10 new muscles in my arms and back! 

I won't share pictures just yet, and when I do please ignore the blurry phone pictures, I was far too tired to get my camera, I'll make sure once I am done I'll take proper photographs :)

The place I have moved into is a little cottage with a farmhouse feel, "farmhouse feel" basically means its full of spiders, wasp covered nests, the roof is drooping, the gates to the entrance look rundown, the garden is not a garden, its a black-jacked jungle that only Mila can get to,  it has a dirty fireplace and is in need of a major clean. But after a good clean and moving the entire weekend I have made it look rustically cute, I think those are the best words to use. The fireplace is awesome, the little old land lady is amazing and the area is better than I could have asked for. 

Its all about location, the houses around this disheveled property are magnificent and extremely well kept, get some major DIY done and you are sitting on some prime property right there. There is a little gate to the Parkview golf course about 50 metres from my door and after paying an annual fee you get a key for the gate and you can walk your dogs there after 5pm, awesome! 

I need to say a huge thank you to my mother for helping me get settled. She gave me cutlery, dishes, glasses and furniture, most of which has never been used but had been sitting in the cupboard for 29 years (I wish I was kidding), she then cleaned them all for me, told me where she thinks the furniture looks good and gave me her fridge. 

She got rid of the spiders, when I first got there I got rid of three and I couldn't take anymore anxiety and had to stop. She somehow klapped a wasps nest with a broom and killed them all in about 5 seconds while the land lady and I hid around the corner. She thinks I am such a girl when it comes to spiders but put a parktown prawn in front of her and she is half screaming, half crying and making up new swear words. 

Mom, you are a legend, thank you for the help!

Once this little place gets comfortable I'll be able to confidently invite people over, hey I've even have wine ;)


*when I say spiders I mean daddy long legs,  but big ones I swear, I feel like I need to put that out there because most people don't consider them as spiders, guys they ARE spiders, they have the creepy legs that are so long and their creepy pea bodies and the way their legs freak out if you try move them... I can't even talk about this anymore...

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