Wednesday, April 23, 2014


This has probably been the most productive month so far in 2014.

Planning, researching, painting, writing a million tips down, throwing unnecessary things away, mapping out my future career opportunities and plans, building websites and just getting inspired in general. 

This happens every couple of years, I feel the urge to start getting somewhere meaningful to me, instead of accepting what gets thrown my way. Its such a satisfying feeling, getting things done and taking small steps everyday towards your goal, I highly recommend it. Hard work will always pay off in some way, if not, you are not working hard enough ;)

I've been painting quite a bit, this wreath is my favourite, I love the simplicity of it.

Autumn feels as though it is leaving already, making way for winter. I used to love winter, now all it reminds me of is how unproductive I get, how much more I sleep and how unmotivated I am to just get on with things, its all about my duvet and series, i have a feeling painting in bed might become my new thing.


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