Tuesday, July 1, 2014

manly man

I'm not entirely sure what attracts females to tool-carrying bearded men. Perhaps it's instinct, a hunter-gatherer sort of mindset, or perhaps I am just weird and assume everyone is too.

I was looking for a cabinet recently for my house and I called Justin once I had found one to ask what he thought of the price. He told me to check a couple of things and make sure certain things worked the way they should etc. Guys it was pretty logical and obvious stuff, but I was blushing by the time I put down the phone, like "yep my man knows his way around a cabinet, I'm jealous of myself".

Now I know that sounds a little bit ridiculous, but having a handyman as your significant other makes you feel like you hit the jackpot. He gets grease all over his hands from fixing my car and I get giddy with pride. He sands wood and I'm peering out the window like a perverted next door neighbour. I think the first week of dating Justin I saw him fix a leaky tap in his bathroom and I was ready to put a ring on it and I'm not talking about the tap.

Perhaps not all females find these things attractive and think I've been sniffing too much paint thinner, but I know there are plenty of you who swoon at manly men, their hands covered in paint, their do-it-yourself attitude and their hair full of sawdust... 

This post is getting as weird as an old spice advert.

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