Wednesday, August 13, 2014


In the last year or two I have made some changes, good changes:

I moved into my own place
I am in a happy and healthy relationship
I havent had a cigarette in 6 months
I drink about 1 glass of red wine a month, sometimes none at all
I haven't dyed my hair in almost a year
I got a new camera and a new laptop
Got my wisdom teeth removed - hallelujah!
My car is finally in my name
My medical aid doesn't suck
I floss every morning
I have my very own indoor plants, that I actually water
And I finally have my very own furniture

Things that haven't changed:

I still eat too much fast food (I LOVE them french fries)
I still keep saying that I am going to start running
Generally my preferred position is horizontal, sometimes I get out of bed on a Sunday and go lie outside on the grass, lying down is underrated
I get bored almost every hour on the hour no matter what I am doing
I still wake up every morning at 6:30am even if I went to bed at 3am, this also means that I pass out on the couch sometimes as early as 7pm (I'm either a child or a granny)
I still get irritated with slow drivers
And I am still retardedly restless

I'm not saying I'm a "Zuckerberg" of success, but its some form of progress (or getting old too quickly), either way I'm glad I kicked most of the kak habits. 

Now where are those running shoes?!


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  1. I didn't even realize you had a new blog!! Can you add a follow button so I can follow? :) write me back so I know you added it :)